Woman stabs husband to death while he sleeps
By Sunny A. David

It was a sorrowful discovery for the family and friends of Late Mr. Obinna Okafor from Anambra State.

As news spread about his Demise, it was gathered that after he played football with his friends and went home to rest, unknown to him his wife had something up her sleeve.

As he was at home and slept, the devil crept into the wife’s mind to commit and ungodly act which is to stab her husband to death while he was asleep.

Obinna’s death has caused a lot of confusion and tears as friends took to their social media to express their grief on the loss of their friend and brother. Obinna is an only son and an only child too.

One of his friends Sarafina stated that “Obinna my friend I can’t believe you are gone, Chai I have been crying since over your demise, so this Nnewi devil finally killed you?

“I and Tochukwu warned you not to marry this lady but you didn’t hear. The worst is that Obinna is an only son. Rest in peace my brother and friend,” he stressed.

Princess Nnenna said, “Obinna your death has brought so much confusion in my life, I have not been myself since the incident. You married a knife instead of a wife.

“Everybody saw you as you played your normal ball with friends. How I wish you knew your evil wife was waiting to kill you. You wouldn’t have gone home.

“Just because you exchange words with your wife, all she could do is wait for you to sleep before she stabbed you to death,” she stated.

It’s indeed a sad thing that happened, we should be careful who we marry, because you may just be marrying a devil in an angel form with a dark heart.