US-based bishop, Ani Jacob congratulates Governor Udom on Ibom Air

US-based Akwa Ibom cleric, Bishop Ani Jacob

A United States-based cleric, Bishop Ani Jacob has congratulated the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Emmanuel Udom on the successful inauguration of Ibom Air on Friday.

In a statement mailed to Apex News, Bishop Jacob also called on the people of the state to embrace peace for the sake of unity so that developments set up by the governor to industrialize the state for the economic well-being of the good people can be smoothly achieved.

The cleric, who is Founder and President, Christ Ambassadors Ministries International, Arkansas, United States, also urged that political differences should be abhorred so as not to thwart the good work of the governor.







Governor Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom

According to him, the governor needed to be supported in order to continue with his gigantic vision to change the state from civil service state to industrialized one where unemployment will be the thing of the past.

Bishop Jacob pointed out that it is worthy to note that when the governor succeeds, everyone in the state succeed also and enjoy the benefits of democracy.

The Bishop, who hails from Etim Ekpo Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State, explained there are a lot of things that he admired in the life of the governor.

For instance, the cleric said, few of such things is that he is not giving room for sycophancies by accepting deceitful awards.

He wants his records to speak for itself while opening doors for those with investment opportunities to come and work with his government to develop the state, Bishop Jacob explained. Secondly, he remarked, the wind of peace is blowing in Akwa Ibom State because as a deacon and a man of God, the Governor puts God first in everything he is doing.

Bishop Jacob said that is why the people of state are rejoicing because it is the righteous that is ruling and state is becoming the envy among other states in Nigeria.

Bishop Jacob said that he is in the position to access the government of Governor Emmanuel Udom from a neutral ground and in good conscience without bias because he has nothing to lose or gain.

“I am devoid of any influence whatsoever as a man of God to speak in good conscience to promote what is good and also kick against what is not good when the need arises.  I am doing my godly duty which part of I am called for not only in the pulpit but also in the confines of governance where all of us are part of it in our daily lives,” Bishop Jacob stressed in the statement.

Governor Emmanuel said at the inaugural IBom Air flight in Uyo, said it would open enormous investment vistas and testifies to the rapid industrialization drive of the government which is focused on three gateways of land, sea, and air.

Emmanuel was represented at the launch of the airline by his deputy, Mr. Moses Ekpo, because of a security meeting in Abuja on Friday involving all 36 state governors and national security chiefs with President Muhammadu Buhari.

The governor cautioned the opposition in the state against sponsored newspaper articles designed at discrediting the achievements of the state government.

The airline will operate Uyo-Lagos (11.45am and 4.15pm), Uyo-Abuja (12pm and 4pm), Lagos-Uyo (1.45pm and 6pm) and Abuja-Uyo (2pm and 6pm) at N15, 000 per ticket.

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