Tiv publication, full of falsehood — Benue Jukun assert

Gambo was shot dead my Tiv gunmen in Abinsi this year

The highest Tiv socio-cultural organization, Mdzough U Tiv (MUT), has reacted to the open letter of the National Association of Jukun–Wanu (NAJUWA) titled “Jukun-Wanu of Benue State: The true position,” published in Daily Trust of September 24, 2019, stating being marginalized in Benue State among others.

According to an official of NAJUWA who spoke to Apex News, the Tiv publication is full of falsehood to among them to have stated that there was only an “imaginary Kwararafa empire once ruled over Hausaland.” He said there was indeed a strong Kwararafa Empire feared by all.

He also gave an example of marginalization of changing names of settlements to those of Tiv referring Abinsi as “Abetse” in the said publication.

The official also noted that it was indeed untrue that the Jukun were not the earliest settlers in the Benue valley as claimed in the write-up.

Their reaction of published in the Vanguard Newspaper of October 3, 2019 as attach.