Moral breakdown as Plateau records pornography 

By Our Investigation Reporter

The moral decadence that is gradually becoming a norm among the youths in our society calls for serious concern.

In Jos, the Plateau state capital in the last week, hush tones reverberated across the city over the leakage of an amorous video with some youths acting pornography to the wildest imagination of the public.

The act of physical sex has so degraded the moral values that are attached to family values but the actors threw caution to the wind and acted as if that was an acceptable norm in the society.

Plateau State is by any means considered a very religious state especially Christianity which has been blessed with the headquarters of the Church of Christ in Nations, (COCIN).

Apart from this, the Muslims also revered the state in terms of worship because its inhabitants respect the right to religion and worship generally. At least in the northern part of the country, Jos boasts of a sizeable percentage of church’s denominations that compete favourably to win souls for the creator of mankind.

However, that pornography practice has found itself right in front of the people is what is baffling to most and to find answer to this, has made virtually everyone dumbfounded.

In some of the clips seen by Apex News, it is observed that the girls appeared not so happy and this brings the issue of monetary compensation.

It is poverty, is it an act for pleasure? Is it an act to announce the arrival of freedom and the question goes on and on?

Interestingly, it was gathered that the perpetrators had promised their victims that though the acts are being recorded in both video and still pictures, it was intended for “export” to societies that accept such.

Perhaps,  that might have given the ignorant ladies some sense of security since the viewers of the porn are far away and may not even recognise them talk more of where or which continent they come from.

On further inquiry, Apex News gathered that the ladies were promised N30, 000 after the act and thereafter, an additional N5000 is offered whenever a lady refer any other victim for act which is a bonus.

Trouble now started when the filming was uploaded locally and the ladies in question become apprehensive. As a result,  the website was subsequently shut down by the authorities to prevent wider viewer audience, but before then, the public had a field day, playing the obnoxious act, albeit, secretly since the source of the video cannot readily be identified.

The stories making the rounds now is that one of the alleged victims has committed suicide with some others in a state of despair over the “shame” they might have brought upon them, their parents and their immediate communities.

The security forces have swung into action and investigation has hot-up. Security sources confirmed that identity of the alleged actors and the motives behind this incident was of paramount concern, but assured the authorities are on top of the situation.

Though Jos is a socially active city with a vibrant night life and a large tourism sector, it is never known for porn as this is the first known case.