Logistics firm, Shoptomydoor expands support to SMEs, opens Ikeja office

The newly commissioned Shoptomydoor SMEs office at Ikeja, Lagos 

A logistics company, Shoptomydoor.com, has extended its support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in order to help create profitable business opportunities for everyone.

To this end Shoptomydoor.com has officially launched a new office at Computer Village, Ikeja – Lagos. This is in line with her vision of expansion to other parts of Nigeria.

Shoptomydoor.com in a statement to Apex News by its Public Relations and Content Manager, Ehi Osezua, said it also helps Nigerians enjoy e-commerce from over 80,000 online stores in United States of America (USA) and other parts of the globe.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Nduka Udeh, “Nigerians desire speedy delivery and we are set to give businesses the support they need in their business, to enable them get higher returns or profit, and quickly pay back their loans from the bank. Without fast shipping services, businesses might be paying more interest rates with each delay they encounter. Whether it’s a fashion store owner, electronics dealer, car dealer, a businessman selling phones, computers and accessories, we are eager to be their logistics partner.”

He added that, “Shoptomydoor.com has developed a more standard practice to move items from USA warehouse facility to Nigeria airport in just 3 to 4 business days. We also handle the clearing at the ports, and it typically takes two to three business days. We are not restricted to just air shipping and have cheaper options for businesses by sea, and that typically takes 6 to 8 weeks. A faster ocean shipping from USA to Nigeria has been made possible with us shipping up to three or four containers weekly.”

Further, Udeh said: “Customers can also buy their desired cars from trusted dealers in USA where they get quality cars that are about 30% cheaper. Models from 2008, both standard and luxury cars can be gotten cheaper from auction sites in USA and we will deliver in just 6 to 8 weeks. Even better, Shoptomydoor is working on making delivery by sea shipping a lot faster, and soon Nigerians will get items via sea shipping in just five to six weeks.
The managing director stated that with just few clicks, and a 15-minute phone call customer can use the procurement/personal shopper service at shoptomydoor.com to place orders for their business. In the Ikeja office, customers will find boxes that can be purchased right there while they place their orders to restock their shops or boutiques.

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