Int. Peace Day: NUPEC calls for introduction of peace studies in school curricular

Commandant, National Unity and Peace Corps, Dr. Chinedu Nneji in a handshake during the international peace day celebration in Abuja

As part of efforts toward achieving sustainable peace in Nigeria, the Commandant General, National Unity and Peace Corps (NUPEC), Dr Chinedu Nneji has called on the federal government to include peace studies in the nation’s educational curriculum particularly at the early education stage of the Nigerian child.

The Commandant General who made the call on Saturday at an event organized by the National Unity and Peace Corps in Abuja to mark this year’s United Nations International Day of Peace with the theme, ‘Climate change for peace’, also appealed to the federal government to listen to the clamour for establishment of Peace Corps and adaptation over mitigation, mediation and reconciliation of waring persons and communities.

Dr Nneji’s call comes following series of crises the country is witnessing that threatens its peace and unity.

He further called for value reorientation to ensure that Nigerian youths do not take to violence.

“Peace studies and history must form part of our education syllabus from primary school level, when we teach peace, children grow with and profess it when they become adult, ensuring dialogue instead of violence whenever there is dispute”.

According to the Commandant, the Corps has mediated and resolved violence conflicts across different communities and pledged its continuous commitment towards the sustainability of peace and development in the nation.

“We have done a lot to ensure peace in waring communities like the Ife-Modakeke conflict in Osun state that happened in the past, Iza and Ezilo in Ebonyi State, Tivs and Jukun in Taraba and parts of Benue states, Farmers-Headers crises in Kaduna and other parts of the country, including Umuleri-Aguleri crises in Anambra State, we have also penciled down a lot of other areas to work on, all we want is for government to give us legislative backing and enabling environment to thrive”.

The Commandant General also appealed to government to ensure the speedy passage and implementation of legislations to curtail climate and environmental issues to avert crises in the country.

A highlight of the celebration was release of dove as symbol of peace.

21st day of September is a day set aside by the United Nations every year as International Day of Peace dedicated to the cessation of all hostilities around the world and for people to engage in activities that promote global peace.