How Civil Defence CG rescued accident victims at detriment of his health

The Etsu Nupe, Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar had visited  CG Gana (left) in recognition of his good works

By Our Special Correspondent

On the gory day of November 13, 2019, not knowing what fate had for him, and recuperating from pains of his own, the Commandant-General of the Nigerian Civil Defence and Security Corps (NSCDC), Muhammadu Abdullahi Gana left his home for Sauka, Abuja, headquarters of the NSCDC.

However, on his way, his convoy met a very gory scene of an accident, where it involved a car and a motorbike. The accident was traumatizing as both the driver of the car and the rider of the motorbike were unconscious and at the point of death with blood-spill all over the scene of the accident. Without an iota of the cause of the accident, the CG stopped his car immediately, not caring about his personal safety and security, but was moved by what he saw, especially when it concerns the lives of Nigerians. Due to this consideration and the overriding factor of protecting Nigerians, Muhammadu Abdullahi Gana jumped and alighted from his car, made sure he personally supervised the First Aid and evacuation of the persons involved as well as cleared the road for passers-by, including motorists and took his convoy to immediately ferry the wounded and the unconscious to the nearest hospital.

But, as soon as they got to the hospital, the officers and men were shocked to see the CG running helter-skelter despite his health challenges, not minding his situation, but making sure that the victims were being handled professionally. He also made sure that their immediate family members were contacted.

What amazed hospital management, staff and officers present was that the Commandant-General also settled the bills for the treatment and made sure that the situation was under control. And, before departing the premises of the hospital for his office, he also gave his GSM number, just in case the need would arise for any emergency.

What we have learnt from this humanitarian efforts and selflessness from the CG’s actions, is that we are all human beings and, as such, our brother’s keeper and must, at all times, lend a hand when there is an opportunity, no matter our status in life.

The Commandant-General’s humane and timely actions have saved the lives of persons involved in the accident without evening knowing them. However, the compassionate heart of the CG was called to question and he had no alternative but to assist the victims, thereby saving their lives.

This should be a vital lesson to our leaders and people in authority that, no matter your status in life, the life of your next door neighbor and any person needing assistance of any kind is paramount, and, as such, one should always lend a hand when the need arises.

That brings to question, that on daily basis, we are inundated with calls from television stations asking for eminent Nigerians to assist in the medical bills of both men and women who need assistance for paltry sums of money for the payment of surgery and transportation to foreign medical centres for treatment. It also calls to question, the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of organizations in lending a hand to humanity. We appeal to these organizations, individuals and governors whose indigenes are going through such rigours to, please, assist humanity in whatever way they can, so as to help build a virile and stable society where the lives of everyone count.

Once more, we thank the CG, Muhammadu Abdullahi Gana, for his humanistic disposition and love shared on that fateful day to the accident victims.