Former sport minister, Dalung denies unguarded comments on APC victories at Supreme Court

Former Minister of Sport, Dalung

By Raymond Gukas, Jos

The immediate past Minister of Sport, Solomon S. Dalung has distanced himself from news making the rounds that he criticised the recent victories of his party, the All Progressives Congress,  (APC) at the Supreme Court.

In the news, Dalung was reported to have lashed out at the judiciary for the “undeserved victory” being accorded the APC.

According to him in a press release signed by himself, “I am not under obligation to respond to the news making the rounds on the statement, I wish to make it clear that in order not for my silence to be taken as accepting the alleged statement, be notified that I was misquoted in the sense that I didn’t mention the APC as having gotten an undeserved victory whether in Imo State or any other state for that matter.

“The fact is that the alleged statement was a conversation between myself and Sen. Jonah David Jang at a funeral service of the Late Rev. Alexander Lar, (former President of the Church of Christ in Nations, (COCIN) on the need to ensure that credibility and justice must be pursued to by all stakeholders to engender and promote legal and moral rectitude in electoral victory in Nigeria.”

The former minister added that his comment to “Sen. Jang was also that no elected public office holder in Nigeria has the moral standing to take his/her oath of office using the Holy Bible or Quran if such electoral victory is tainted with fraud”.

He ended by saying that the Supreme Court having set the judicial precedent in the Imo case, will determine the legal direction in the then undecided cases of Kano, Plateau, Sokoto, Bauchi and Benue states, that was before the cases judgements were delivered last Monday.