Former IPAC chair, Chief Okereke, wants Imo Gov. Ihedioha prosecute Okorocha over theft of Imo property

Chief Okereke calls for Okorocha’s arrests

By Paul Efiong, Abuja

The former Chairman of the Inter-Party Advisory Council (IPAC) and former Presidential Candidate of the African Liberation Party, in 2003 to 2007 general elections, Chief Osita Emmanuel Okereke (OON), has advised the governor of Imo State, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha to speedily arrest and prosecute his predecessor, Senator Rochas Okorocha for alleged theft of state property which was discovered from the former governor.

Chief Okereke gave the advice while speaking with reporters in Abuja alleging that Okorocha tenure as a governor in the state was the worst thing that has happened in the history of Nigeria who converted state property to personal property.

He urged the state governor to hand over the former governor to the police who in turned will charge the matter to court with a three-count charge of conspiracy, rubbery and stealing.












Former Imo Governor Okorocha

He alleged that Okoracha is a shameless human being that is not worthy to be a senator representing the people of his constituency.

Speaking further while responding to questions on the alleged beating of the ex-governor’s daughters by the agents of the incumbent governor, Chief Okereke urged the people of Imo and indeed Nigerians to ignore the former governor.

He said Okorocha is a propagandist and had allegedly ruined the state during his administration adding that he wants to attract people sympathy.

He alleged that even though somebody was slapped, such was done because she is a suspect in alleged misappropriation of state funds and property.

Chief Okereke who is also the Director-General of NATFORCE had described Okorocha as a propagandist asking people not to take his claims against the governor seriously.

“I want to use this medium to appeal to the governor never to engage the operative of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) in the case against the former Governor of the state but the police,” he explained.

According to him, some Nigerians are worried about the way and manner the EFCC is going about prosecuting alleged offenders but that the committee on Recovery of Stolen property in Imo has every right to charge the matter to court and not to leave it to EFCC.

While advocating support for the incumbent governor, he urged people from all walks of life to rise and lend full support to enable him accomplish his plans for the state.

He also opined that Imo people will not be happy seeing the former governor walking freely without prosecution adding that the Resident INEC Commissioner for the Constituency had told the world that he was forced to announce the result which saw him to the senate.

The NATFORCE boss who said he has the power to arrest and prosecute urged the incumbent governor to use his good offices to justify the mandate of the people on him by prosecuting Okorocha.

He said if the incumbent cannot rescue Imo State as a governor, it means the people must take it upon themselves to look for a spiritual freedom.

He lamented that the former governor who allegedly chatted away property belonging to the state is now a senator moving freely without arrest and prosecution by the incumbent governor, challenging the leadership in the state to make sure that the former administration is made to pay dearly for alleged corruption that took place in government.

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