FCT indigenes write Buhari on non-inclusion in ministerial slot

President Buhari left out FCT in his ministerial list

By Paul Efiong, Abuja

Natives of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) under the auspices of Greater Gbagyi Development Initiative(GG-DIN) says it has again written President Muhammedu Buhari over lack of representation in the ministerial list.

Speaking with our reporter in Abuja, the National Coordinator of the group, Prince Gbaiza J Gimba, said their decision to write the president was because they had no visible present in his ministerial list and his government at large.

”We have written several letters to the president and the current 9th Senate against the backdrop of the fact that the government in power has consistently refused to carry us along in the governance process, the recently released and confirmed  Ministerial appointees from the presidency has refused to recognised us. That was why we wrote series of letter to the President and to the Seats president to disregard and nullifies them, until original indegines of FCTare captured in view of the fact that we have made sacrifices more than anyother tribes and section of this country.we have disowned our land, our assets and many other vital things for the survival of this country and the citing of federal capital territory in our domain.”

Prince Gimba further used the opportunity to appeal to his supporters and followers within and outside the FCT to remain calm and law abiding as they are contemplating on further move that will make FG to act on their demands.

The youth  Co-ordinator also discribed FG action of not giving them a listening ear in order to address their demand as unconstitunal claimed that a court of competent jurisdiction in Abuja had earlier ruled in a landmark judgment before it that FCT should be treated as a state of its own.

He lamented that despite government repeated claim in obeying rule of law as well as high regards to human right and dignity, FCT indigenes have been wallowing in abject poverty as a result of negligence by the government in power.

Gimba had informed this medium that in another court verdict, an Appeal Court sitting in Abuja has ordered the government to compensate FCT indigene as well as offers them  ministerial slots.

He was however not quick to subscribe to a national protest by his fellowers and members across the territory stressing that in GG-DIN peaceful protest has always been the last option to get government attention to their demand.

Responding to a question fielded in by this reporter against the perceived sudden death of his organization in its struggle for the wellbeing of the people, he said ” we are still alive, nothing has happen to us apart from the health problem we had before but now, we are fit and strong and we give all the glory to God, let me tell you that him who fight and live must fight another day, so, since we fought and live, we shall continue in our struggle.”

It would be recalled that FCT natves had recently issued the FG a two-day ultimatums to end insecurity problem in the FCT and that they might be forced to deal with the issue their own way if nothing is done about riosing insecurity violence in the city.

In another development, Prince Gimba in an elaborate birthday celebration party for his wife Mrs Gimba, had thank God for His mercy on the wife as she clocks 35 years.

Speaking at the event, Mrs Gimba had described her husband as an activist, adding that she had known before hand that getting married to a human right activist will never be an easy task.

She described her husband as a very romantic person disclosing that a times when he is down, she always encourage her to be strong and firm.

Many dignatries within and beyond FCT were in attendance enjoying with the family owing to define providence on them.

The event that was well attended had different traditional leaders within FCT in attendance and all who spoke had ample opportunity to pour incompium on the wife of Prince Gimba as a lovely woman with beautiful sons and daughters.

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