Coalition lauds Buhari, Nigerian Army for appreciating officers with special promotion

Nigeria President Buhari

The Coalition Against Terrorism and Extremism (CATE) has reacted to the recent elevation of two senior officers of the Nigerian Army.
The coalition said Lt General TY Buratai, the Chief of Army Staff has no doubt distinguished himself as a true selfless leader  whose usefulness knows no ethnic or religious affiliation rather competence and excellence in all his undertakings.
CATE was reacting to the recent promotion of recent approval of accelerated promotion of two senior officers and a subaltern of the Nigerian Army by President Muhammadu Buhari has approved .
Buhari had said the officers were granted promotion for their extra-ordinary feats, courage, examplary leadership, loyalty, uncommon commitment and valour in the counter insurgency operation in the North-eastern part of the country.
The two senior officers were Major General LO Adeosun, the Chief of Training and Operations at Army Headquarters who has been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and Brigadier General AB Biu, General Officer Commanding 7 Division and Commander Sector 2 Operation LAFIYA DOLE Maiduguri, promoted to the rank of Major General. Also, promoted to the rank of Captain is Lieutenant AJ Danjibrin of 211 Demonstration Battalion Bauchi.
CATE in a statement by its National President, Gabriel Onoja, lauded President Buhari for his show of appreciation and moral support towards the army.
The statement reads below.
Gentlemen of the press, President Muhammadu Buhari a few days approved some accelerated promotion of some senior military officers in recognition of their contributions to the counter-terrorism operation against Boko Haram and the Islamic State West African Province (ISWAP) in the northeast of the country. Major General L.O. Adeosun, the Chief of Training and Operations at Army Headquarters was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General and Brigadier General A.B. Biu, General Officer Commanding 7 Division and Commander Sector 2 Operation Lafiya Dole Maiduguri, was promoted to the rank of Major General while Lieutenant AJ Danjibrin of 211 Demonstration Battalion Bauchi was promoted to the rank of Captain.
It is reassuring that these officers were not randomly selected for their promotion but they were cited as having performed “extraordinary feats, courage, exemplary leadership, loyalty, uncommon commitment and valour” in the discharge of their duty in the war against terrorism. The Coalition Against Terrorism is please that these promotions have been well received not only within the Nigerian Armed Forces but even beyond by other stakeholders in Nigeria’s quest for peace.
We see the promotions as Mr. President’s response to several of our calls to recognize those that has diligently served the country in its time of need. It has always been our belief that acknowledging commitment and valour as have been done will go a long way to inspire others to do even more than they are currently doing.
CATE commends of Lieutenant General Adeosun for the service he has rendered and continue to render to the country in the Nigerian Army. He should see his elevation as a challenge to do more; a call to be innovative in proffering refreshed solutions to the security problems facing the country. Our charge to Major General Biu is no different, it is time for him to dig deeper into the reserve from where he found his gallantry in order for him to excel even more. The country will do well with more of his kind. Our expectations from Captain Danjibrin is no less, he should continue to be a beacon of inspiration to officer of his cadre and youths of the country – reminder that excellence will always be rewarded. They should see their promotion as the beginning of new things to come for the country.
The specially promoted officers are charged to continue to justify the great qualities seen in them by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The laurels to them by the C-I-C and the rest of Nigerian calls for more work since it is an invitation for them to their all to Nigeria.
We equally acknowledge the excellent roles played by the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai, who not only provided the enabling atmosphere for officers and troops to display their valour but also ensured that those that are doing great work are not hidden from the Commander-in-Chief. He has made himself into the fuel that has made the lights of those under his command to burn bright.
We appeal to Mr. President to continue along this path of rewarding good work so that the culture of excellence will spread and permeate not just the military but the entire country across every other sector. This acknowledgement of the gallantry of the specially promoted officers has put paid to the lie of those that have been insinuating that the sacrifices being made by military personnel were being ignored.
The spread of the promotions is not unnoticed. It has burst the bubble of those that had accused President Buhari of being lopsided in some of his actions. The promotions are a testimony to how merit and excellence have been the driving forces in the military as opposed to the parochial tendencies that some people had erroneously concluded to be at play. Let it be that the issue of the president’s nationalist outlook is no longer in doubt going forward.
Our belief is that there will be more of such elevations for other Nigerians that have demonstrated that they are willing to lay down their lives for the security and safety of the country, like General Buratai has done. President Buhari will do well to keep close those that have demonstrated that they are able to implement his vision for the security of the country by keeping terrorists at bay. He should not only keep them close but entrust them with greater responsibility.
Finally, we renew our earlier call to the misguided terrorists tormenting the country to embrace whatever peace initiative that has been offered to them, lay down their arms and submit themselves for rehabilitation. The promotion of these gallant officers has proven that the military has a wealth of great officers that will continue to make the country unconducive for terrorists and criminals.

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