Borno incident: PDP is disrespectful, Buhari campaign boss

Alhaji Danladi Pasali

By Raymond Gukas, Jos 

The disrespect President Muhammadu Buhari suffered in the cause of his sympathy visit to troubled Borno state has been blamed on the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP) and its cohorts.

Alhaji Danladi Pasali, National Coordinator, Buhari Campaign Organisation stated this in a press release he personally signed.

“in as much as we condemned the act, we must also strike the balance, by urging disparate politicians to halt their politicisation of security issues to the detriment of the citizens”, he stated.

According  to him,  the “booing of President Muhammadu Buhari’s convey by some youths in part of Maiduguri, was clearly a politically sponsored gymics by the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), having perior knowledge that the President was billed to visit the State for an on the spot assessment and commiserations over the unfortunate incidents that recently happened.

“Just to remind the PDP and its few sponsored youths station along Ramat Polytechnic, that their in ability to judiciously utilised the common wealths of Nigerians in fighting insurgency, which they rather turned more $2bn, among others to electioneering in the past, is the repercussions of what is obtainable now.

“And just like Gov. Zulum, has said that he was, “so surprised that we have forgotten the past,” where close to about 20 Local Government areas were resettled under Buhari,” we make bold to add that not just Borno State, but the People of Kano, Bauchi, Yobe, Adamawa and even Plateau States, will justifiably attests to the fact that Buhari’s administration has done fairly well to curtail the spite of bombings and killings of lives and destructions of properties”, he argued.

Continuing, he added that “to us patriotic Nigerians, will not drive any pleasure that their president or his convey is  booed, rather the bad ones that do not have the country and the innocent people at heart would do.

“Again the preplanned “booing,” expressing the fellings of few out millions majority people of Borno State, did not come to us by surprised having the PDP, through their National Publicity Secretary, Kola Ologbondiyan, said in their attempt at instigating Nigerians against their President, said on Monday that, the president has, “abandoned,” Nigerians.

“What more clear facts that they did sponsored the few youths to do what they did rather than sharing the pains that the families and some victims of the Auno, incidents are deeply feelings.

“The PDP should understand that majority of the people will not toe their path, and politicising security situation is a great dishonour any one can do to Nigerians, more less than such sponsoring unpatriotic act on the seating president.”