Boko Haram: Kudos to gallant police men

Police ceases a military truck with Boko Haram flag

By Yakubu Ahmed-BK

Police officers are doing more in the fight against insurgency in Borno State.

While soldiers are under fire and public scrutiny for inaction and extortion instead of taking the fight to the resurging insurgents, it is the police that are currently on the offensive.

Gallant efforts of the police

A video and pictures of a commendable performance by the police emerged yesterday in which the police anti-robbery squad engaged the insurgents along the Maiduguri/Benisheik road.

During the encounter, the policemen stood their ground, refused to flee and succeeded in killing some of insurgents and recovered five gun trucks.

The police took advantage of the bullet proof APC vehicles recently given to them by President Muhammadu Buhari to withstand gun fire from the insurgents.