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AFCON Qualifiers: CAF disqualifies Chad due to interference

AFCON Qualifiers: CAF disqualifies Chad due to interference


Africa’s football governing body, The Confederation for African Football (CAF) has announced the suspension of the Chadian national team from the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2021 qualifiers due to interference.

The decision was brought about due to the dissolution of the Chadian FA by the Ministry of Youth and Sports which is in direct contravention of CAF rules. CAF and other football governing bodies, strongly frown at interference by governments in the affairs of football associations, meting out strong punishments to erring countries.

A press release signed by CAF communications director, Alexandre Siewe reads: “Following the suspension of the Chadian Football Federation by the Chadian Ministry of Youths and Sports, CAF has decided to disqualify the national team of Chad from the qualifiers of the Total  African Cup of Nations 2021. Consequently, scheduled qualifier matches between Namibia (match 106), and Mali (match 130) for Total AFCON 2021 are cancelled.

In line with Article 61 and Article 64 of the CAF regulations, Chad is considered a loser of both matches against Namibia and Mali. It is reported that the dissolution of the Chad FA was carried out by the Ministry of Youths and Sports to tackle corruption, which was rife within the FA.

Violated articles in view

ARTICLE 61: “If a team withdraws after the start of the group matches without having played half of the group matches, the overall results of the matches in which this team participated is cancelled. Otherwise, if a team withdraws after participating in all the matches in the first half of the group matches, the remaining matches to be played in the said group are lost by penalty three goals to nil”

ARTICLE 64: ”If for any reason whatsoever, a team withdraws from the competition or does not report for a match, except in cases of force majeure accepted by the Organizing Commission or refuses to play or leaves the ground before the regular end of the match without the authorization of the referee, it shall be considered looser and shall be eliminated for good from the current competition.”


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